​Frequently Asked Questions

The Sacramento County Water Agency monitors your drinking water regularly. Annually, our customers receive a consumer confidence report detailing the composition of their drinking water.

View the Consumer Confidence Report for your area.

Yes. When proposed rate increases are approved, all Sacramento County Water Agency customers will receive a rate increase. 

Rate increases for metered customers will depend on the service (pipe) size. Detailed information can be found at the Water Agency's Rates and Fees web page.

Water conservation is easy. Just following a few simple tips can make a big difference:

  • Water when evaporation is low, between midnight and 10 a.m.
  • Use a drip irrigation system to prevent wasteful runoff.
  • Select water-efficient landscape plants such as a UCD Arboretum All Star. See a complete list of these hearty, low water use plants​.
  • Adjust your sprinkler heads to make sure water is going where it's needed and not on sidewalks and driveways.
  • For more water conservation tips, call our water conservation hotline at (916) 875-6919 or visit Water Conservation.

Not everybody is on a flat water rate. Some residents receive metered water and their rates fluctuate with their use. (See Question 3 for more details on metered billing.)

Yes. In 1992, Congress passed the Central Valley Project Improvement Act. In compliance with this act, Sacramento County Water Agency customers will be incrementally converted to metered water billing.

Yes. Meter-billed customers can save money by taking advantage of the Water Agency's tiered water rates. The tiered rate structure provides customers discounts up to 20%, on the combined consumption and service charge portion of their water bill. 

For more information visit the Water Conservation Discount web page.

​Metered-billing gives our customers control over their water use and subsequent charges. We encourage our customers to take advantage of the programs we offer to help you conserve water such as rebate programs for efficient appliances and FREE water audits performed at your residence.

For more information visit Water Conservation.​